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Cozy Café is perfectly named — though it could also be called the Tiny Café, the Small Café or “That Place at the Corner of the Coast Highway and Torrance Boulevard We’ve Always Meant to Get To.” Love to enjoy coffee at Cozy because it has espresso machine to make great coffee to drink. The Cozy Café is an unpretentious place, an institution of character that has its own devoted following. The food is not breaking culinary ground, but it’s not trying to – it is true to an old fashioned American ideal of a full meal at a modest price in friendly, homey surroundings. Website: https://cafe-marie-jeanne.com/


“ I love the cozy cafe! I can stop in after my bike ride and they are so cool about letting me park my bike safely inside! I eat Keto and they are so accommodating to substitute the potatoes and toast, while other places charge me extra!!! The deluxe free scrambled was the bomb today, substituting fresh slices avocado on top! Spicy Salsa topped it all off...i practically licked the plate! ”
John Doe
"Nice coffee to drink. Love to come back again."
Maria Gilligan
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Kelvin Francis

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